US TearDrop Pallet Rack
Pallet rack is a versatile system with unsurpassed adaptability  
for may types of industried. Pallets are supported between
load-supporting beams.The standard upright columns we can
offer are 3"*3",3"*1-5/8",4".On basis of our experience,
compared with Euro and Australian keylock design,the stud
connector of US teardrop is more reliable,while the normal C
type post is notas rigid as euro omega type.For this reason,
we have developed omega type teardrop rack.
All uprights frames have two types:bolted and welded.The bolted
design is easy to transport while the welded frames are more
rigid.HRD can provide both types with the same EXW prices.
Beams use a minimum of three load bearing studs on each end plate to transfer loads safely to upright columns.
These studs, in conjunction with teardrop keyholes, work together to draw the end plates securely against the upright
columns,creating a tight connection that reduces rotation and sway.
Accessories:HRD also offer the column protectors,wiremesh,pallet support,drum support to fit customized demands.
Easy and free combination without bolts
Free adjustment of the tier height and higher bearing
Free combinations of different racks to ensure high fixity and low investment
Adopt the structure that the beam hitching on the frame